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Dark Fairytale

Welcome to the world of dark fairytales, where magic and enchantment are woven together with a witchy and whimsical charm. In collaboration with Candice Ghai's renowned photography skills, Alissa and Clare present a dramatic and ethereal vision through the art of hair and makeup.

Alissa meticulously sculpts each hairstyle to reflect both the character of a whimsical beauty and a gothic witchy vibe. The finishes include intricate braids, soft curls, dainty flowers, and delicate ferns. These elements add magic to the images and are perfect hairstyles for those who want to feel a bit enchanted.

As for makeup, Clare Robinette opts for Gothic and ethereal beauty that transports the viewer into the realm of dark fairytales. She applies bold eyeliner, smokey eyeshadows, and crimson lips to create a haunting yet captivating allure on both models. Their otherworldly beauty is further enhanced by shimmering highlights.

Candice Ghai is an accomplished photographer who captures the essence of darkness and mystery in her work. Her expertise in lighting, composition, and storytelling adds depth and dimension to the images, bringing our dark fairytale world to life.

This collaboration has created an ethereal and enchanting collection of images that will transport you into a magical cottage in another realm. Stunning hair and makeup create a captivating visual impact, while Candice Ghai's photography brings it to life.


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